FREE TRAINING starting soon…


FREE TRAINING starting soon…




Hard Drive Edition


At Crate Hackers, we've developed the ultimate strategy to get rid of thousands of low-risk songs (aka low bitrate songs) that you won't miss. In fact, it will literally free you up to be a better DJ because your bangers & gems aren’t covered in garbage. 

Learn the 3 Secrets to Getting Rid of Low Bitrate & Unpopular Tracks QUICKLY

Learn how to backup your collection, purge low-quality tracks & get rid of the "clangers" so you can find & organize the BANGERS.


Secret #1

Backup & Downsize

The most efficient way to downsize your music library that gives you 80% of your time back.

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Secret #2


Proven Music Purging Technique that Zaps Low Quality MP3s from Your Library!


Secret #3

Organize Your Music

Stay on top of all the new music coming out automatically and still keep everything organized.

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Free Trial of Crate Hackers Software

Get access to a Free Trial of Crate Hackers Software that you can use during and after the training to purge & organize.

10 Tips for Hacking Your Crates

I'll also give you access to my 10 Tips for Hacking Your Crates guide that's a $97 value - totally for free.

We don't offer this anywhere else and you're only getting it as a thank you for taking action.

Aaron Traylor


Aaron Traylor

Aaron Traylor is a long-time DJ’s Vault member and ultra-talented DJ based in Nashville, TN who’s been awarded "Best Performance DJ" in Nashville despite only living there 4 years.

He's The Johnny Cash Family's preferred DJ, has been in radio over 25 years and most recently earned the honors of the "Best Radio Station Personality" by the National Broadcasting Association.

He's also known as the Tallest DJ in the World and loses only to Shaq. :-/

Incredible strategies for backing up your music

We'll teach you how to backup all your music so that nothing is irreparably lost and you can always go back if our purging techniques don’t work for you.

We have some Incredible strategies for backing up your music to the cloud using Dropbox that will blow your mind.

This is your last chance to learn these game-changing strategies you can’t learn anywhere else. Get signed up for The Purge training today and let's get your music library under control so you can find the perfect next song to mix into EVERY TIME.

Our goal at Crate Hackers is to help you walk into any event and rock ANY dancefloor with confidence & your eyes on the dancefloor, not on your messy crates.


The training is starting soon and I don't want you to miss out.
The free gifts are expiring so get off the fence and get registered for free now.

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Read some more testimonials below of DJs using our techniques.
See you at the training!

Topher Taylor Atlanta, GA

"It feels like I've been unplugged from the matrix... My old ways have been spoiled by the truth. My 80K track library was not an assset. It was a ball & chain! Right now I have 2,709 ... What's a little comical is how scary this all feels, when there is absolutely ZERO risk!"

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